Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ShopNEW55: TILTING 150mm f2.8 Xenotar

ShopNEW55: TILTING 150mm f2.8 Xenotar: For those who previously asked to be notified you may be pleased to know that this lens, tilting mount, spare Pacemaker Graflex board with r...

Friday, June 17, 2016

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New55 comments on completion of Kickstarter fulfillment, adjusts price of film

Ashland, MA. April 20, 2016: New55 FILM announced today that it has completed final batches destined for Kickstarter supporters.

New55 FILM announced today that it has completed final batches of all components and rewards for its New55 PN FILM Kickstarter project.  Over 21,000 assemblies for Kickstarter and another 15,000 units for general sale have moved or are moving through final stages of fulfillment through the various channels worldwide.

New55 PN is a new, black and white instant 4x5 sheet film that provides a 4x5 negative and also a positive print.  New55 PN went into production in June of 2015, and today is in limited production subject to the scaling of the manufacturing process.

Price adjustment reflects scaling economics

A price adjustment reflecting the improved economics of manufacturing at this important milestone has been made and additional product supplied to New55's online web store HERE.

Concurrent with the announcement has been the rollout of machine-coated receiver sheets that visibly improve the smoothness and consistency of the positive peelaway print over the previously hand-coated product.

For more information about New55 FILM and its other products - Atomic-X sheet film, R5 Monobath Developer, 1SHOT ready-loaded sheet films, and new products for large format film photography without a darkroom, visit

Saturday, April 2, 2016

We are considering a color peelapart project

Just wanted to post here that a second effort similar to our first effort is being considered. Another crowd funded program could result in a new color 4X5 product that uses some of the same parts as New55 PN.  And the increased production numbers may foretell better manufacturing efficiencies and the eventual ability to moderate price as we add machinery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New55 FILM Resumes after Production Halt. Gen 2 material to begin shipping within a week

New55 FILM Resumes after Production Halt

Gen 2 material to begin shipping within a week

Ashland, MA, February 24, 2016: Production of New55 PN "Generation 2" film has started after suspension of hand coating processes forced a temporary production halt. The shut down resulted in a shortage of New55 PN film products and delays in shipments. Hand coating of the “receiver sheet” which has consumed over 50% of available labor and resources, has been suspended. Machine coating using a prototype in-house coater has started. Hand assembly of film packs will continue, possibly at a slightly increased rate. The transition period is necessary as parallel operation of both hand coating and machine coating is not feasible due to limited staff availability, and will continue over the near term until the new methods are qualified.

About “Generation 2”

New55 PN is a positive-negative instant film that produces a print and a large format negative using an integrated assembly that contains a development pod and lightproof layers that permit “darkroomless” exposure and processing. Over the course of the first six months of New55 PN production, which has yielded over 20,000 units (packs), much has been learned about the consistency and stability of the sensitive materials and developers over time. Beginning today with Generation 2, the external date code will show the specific date of production so that monitoring of changes and inventory management can be more easily accomplished. The date code will now appear in the product label and will follow the ISO year/month/day standard. Immediately noticeable improvements will include the consistency of the machine-coated receiver sheet, which will have a smoother finish, and incremental improvements in a number of other areas over time.

About shelf life

Accumulated data on shelf life is limited due to the relatively short time the product has been in production and the limited availability of accelerated aging data. For this reason a recommended shelf life average can only extend as far as existing aged production, which is now just over 6 months. Users should refer to the manufacturing date as a guide to the age of the product.

About New55

New55 PN, Atomic-X 4x5 sheet film, 1SHOT ready loaded sheet film, and R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER together form a core offering of new, post-digital large format materials that can be used and processed without a darkroom, opening the door to many new and established photographers who are enthusiastic about the resurgence of analog films and equipment. Visit

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spending and Income Report from January 1 to December 31, 2015

Spending and Income Report from January 1 to December 31, 2015
Demand Note Posted on January 6, 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review: New55 FILM

"This negative is truly amazing"

"After just a little practice I got great results"

"The tutorial was good. I hope you include scanning and outdoor photography".

These are some of the positive reviews we have received from new users of New55 FILM.   I get a near perfect success rate (not remembering to open the focal plane shutter was my mistake), and the develop and fix sequence is easy to do, and fast.

A nice comment on a forum

It's amazing the project has come this far and is now delivering. While the product may not perfect, it is real - The real hope is that New55 will have an ongoing future in the midst of a shrinking (or limited) fan base of film users. If New55 receives continued support, it will hopefully survive - and improve.

I'm impressed the project has come this far, considering the difficulties, and hope it will advance much further. 
Thanks to those who are working hard to make it possible.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

New55 FILM New55 PN Instant film reviews

For some excellent recent examples of New55 PN, check out the blog here and also Flickr and Facebook.

Users are reporting very good spreads with few if any gaps. The positive prints are good and the negatives are highly detailed and scan very well.

An important point is the separation of the negative and positive using these directions, the same as have been used since the start of the project in 2010.

Users can expect fine, super detailed negatives with very little grain and long tonal scales such as this one. Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some recent New55 PN Photographs New55 FILM

New55 PN Instant 4x5 Film is available in small quantities here. Every purchase of New55 helps support the goal of creating the industrial capacity so that photographic film manufacture can be sustained. The purchase price pays for supplies, machinery, tools and development costs. Thank You!

New55 PN film. Scan of the negative.
click twice to see details
Copyright 2015 Robert J. Crowley
All Rights Reserved

New55 FILM. Scan of the Negative.
click twice to see up close
Copyright 2015 Charles Fendrock
All Rights Reserved

New55 FILM. Scan of the negative
Hand held 4x5
Copyright 2015 Robert J Crowley
All Rights Reserved

Wink!  New55 FILM. Scan of negative
Click this twice and zoom in
Copyright 2015 Robert J Crowley
All Rights Reserved
Dialing.  New55 FILM. Scan of the negative.
Copyright 2015 Robert J Crowley
All Rights Reserved